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What To Consider When Selecting A Stun Gun For Your Self Defense Needs!

These days, your safety is critical, and the world seems to be falling further in to despair, giving You and I reasons to consider buying a Self-Defense Weapon. To Stop from feeling defenseless in this world.  Electro Shock devices such as stun guns are proven to be effective at stopping asshole attackers in their tracks.

In this blog, we'll discuss the basic details of these guns and how they work, how they can stop an asshole attacker, and what to consider when buying your own.

The purpose of the electrical shock is to temporarily (and non-fatally) disrupt muscle and motor functions while inflicting a substantial amount of pain, without delivering injury. There are many types of electroshock weapons available on the market. The term stun gun often refers to a device which delivers the electric shock via direct contact. This is different than, for example, a Taser, which delivers the electric shock via a projectile with wires attached.

Stun gun utilize short bursts of high-voltage shocks with low amperage to disturb muscle functions. Usually, these devices will have two exposed electrodes or metal conductors of electricity that are pressed against the piece of shit trying to hurt you. Pressing the trigger button sends a high-voltage electrical current to the electrodes which then travels through clothing and into the body of the attacker, leaving the asshole on the receiving end of the shock likely won't know what hit them effectively disabling the bastard for a short period of time. Depending on the device and the duration of the shock.

Often times, the shock even if only a few seconds in duration will result in the attacker losing all control of their movements. The attacker will likely drop to the ground in a disabled, disoriented, and bewildered state. Interestingly, the electric shock actually interrupts how the brain functions. The circuits which would normally control movements are interfered with by the electric shock. The effects of receiving an electric shock from the device will generally persist for anywhere from a couple of minutes to over half an hour. Defending your self and incapacitating an asshole attacker immediately upon contact. A device of this type clearly gives the defender adequate time to escape and call for help.

Additionally, these weapons only deliver a shock to the assailant, even if they have a hold of you. The electric shock travels through their clothes and is completely absorbed by the body of the attacker. Another common myth about stun guns is that these weapons cause the receiver of the shock to have a heart attack. This is not true. The device is non-lethal and does not cause significant or permanent injury, although, the asshole attacker will wonder if they sustained a massive injury due to the pain inflicted, it be great if it left with a nervous tick the rest of their worthless days. All the disorienting and debilitating effects of these devices are proven to be effective means of self-defense.

So now we’ve covered the basics of what a stun gun is and how it works to disable an attacker. Now let's see what to look for when buying your own. There are various considerations that need to be made before purchasing the device that is best suited for your wants and potential needs.

An important aspect of these devices to take into consideration is what the voltage output is. The voltage of a device is in direct proportion to its stopping power. There is wide range voltage strengths filling the market, so caution should be taken when selecting yours. Voltage will typically ranges from 50,000 volts on the low end, up to as much as 20,000,000 volts. Even stun guns with a lower voltage rating will have sufficient power output to stop an attacker. The higher the voltage output does also translate into greater stopping power.

Rememeber, the market has a vast selections of weapon types available, ranging small, medium, to large in size. It’s crucial to think of your defense strategy. Making the access and use easy, when selecting your own device as well as transport. Stun guns such Runt, Trigger, and Lil Guy available at Bastille Babes Defense Accessories are great examples, they're small and lightweight which makes them easy to carry and to conceal in your pocket, or purse, many come cases you wear on your hip. Many devices of this size are also more affordable than other, larger models. The large sizes sometimes referred to as batons, are typically used most often by law enforcement and bodyguards. Though, they are harder to conceal they are well-suited for home protection.

When purchasing a personal defense weapon for you, it’s important to research and be aware of any laws pertaining to their use. Check with your local law enforcement agency to verify that carrying such a device is legal in your area.

Purchasing a stun gun, like everythng you buy be sure to compare the different features between your potential choices. Bastille Babes Defense Accessories offers the Runt and the Trigger with awesome features like disabling pins, ultra LED flashlight, bulit-in plug for recharge capabilities. The disable pin is an awesome practical feature which prevents the attacker from using your device against you. If the pin is pulled out, it simply doesn't work. Other great options to consider and watch for are ones which include a personal alarm or a flashlight. The loud alarm will frighten an attacker as the sound draws attention to the scene. Flashlights, are so bright they become part of the .your defense as you flash the light in your asshole attackers eye, and when that piece of shit winces from the light shock the shit of them. Rechargeable batteries are also often preferred over disposable batteries plus they are so much better for the environment. Runt, Trigger, and the Lil Guy Have built in plugs for recharging. With rechargeables, the need to test and replace batteries is eliminated.

Stun guns can literally be a lifesaver in the event of a personal attack. They are safe to use and carry little risk of causing serious injury. To browse through our selection of stun guns and other personal defense devices, visit us at!

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