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How many times do you look over your shoulder?

"Nice evening out, met friends for a drink...."

How many times have you heard stories that started like this?   From a co-worker? Your BFF?  Anyone sharing an experience of "I never thought this would happen to me".  Finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation, assault, beaten or raped.

We have all know someone that has a story like this.  Always, we say  "I think I need to carry a little something for my own protection."  More people are feeling the need to carry a gun;  obtaining a "conceal and carry permit-- CCW"!  Not everyone feels comfortable doing something like that.  You have other avenues of protection available to you like pepper sprays or stun guns. I get it, really.  We all need to feel a little more comfortable in our surroundings. Whether it be work, restaurants and sadly; in our places of worship.  The one true place we should feel safe regardless of our beliefs.  It is your sanctuary.

Please check our our website for your personal protection items designed for your choices.  Remember:  PROTECT YOURSELF!



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