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Yes, I know. You are on the website now, that is how you are reading this.  Trust me, technology isn't that bright.  It's still programmed by a human, therefore susceptible to mistakes. Now, mistakes are a whole other subject.  I regress.

Let's get back to the holiday shopping debacle.  Are you done shopping?  Is it wrapped? Tree up? Groceries purchased?   No!!!!!   I don't have shit done.  Well, the tree is up and thank heavens this year; its pre-decorated.

I can't seem to get my act together for shopping and it's a week away.  3 adult children, 4 grand children and a new great granddaughter.... I need to pull it together.

How about stun guns for everyone???  Well, that isn't working for 2 grandkids as they are 11 and 9; plus the baby doesn't count.   Adult gifts are the key.  We own this company so everyone gets self protection (  They come in colors, different sizes, styles and nice cases.

Some wouldn't use it; but there are other items worth carrying like pepper sprays (

I'm sure I can find something for just about everyone.  I'm not religious, but I love the Cross Necklace It's stylish for men or women and has a DVR in it. Talk about a way to keep track of bad dealings.  Plus, you never know who is messing with Grandma!!

Just a couple of tidbits for that last minute shoppers.  Don't just read our blogs; search this site for quick gifts/stocking stuffers.

I, too need to shop.....and I'm off (to shop that is!!)

Chat to you later!!

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