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Christmas: tis the Season to steal your family's gifts from other's houses. (too long....)

Amazon is crazy busy already this time of year, shipping out our your goodies!!!  Christmas gift, groceries, personal care and pet food.  As soon as they hit your porch, these seemingly non-descript boxes; from out of nowhere become  "ANIMATED"!!  Yep, they get up and walk right off your porch and fall into one's car.  They mysteriously leap over privacy fences and into the back of a pick up truck.  Bullshit!!  Once your package is delivered it becomes open game.  Ripped right off your property.  Remember, when everyone in your neighborhood, had that neighbor who would say" if you're not home tell delivery to leave it here; I'll call you".  NOT ANYMORE!

Now, you need some proof of the theft.  Surveillance is easy, and if you feel it helps; Disguise it!   Flower pot.  Some folksy-craft thing that was bought at a flea.  Top of door jam.  Bottom of mailbox.  All sorts of places.

Check out our Surveillance tab on our homepage:  Creative ways to Stop the Box Nappers!!

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