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Another Stolen Package?!! Poetic Justice?

Ok, I know I just blogged about surveillance and protecting your boxes.......BUT, I had to share this.

True Story:  I'm at my doctor's getting some test results.  I ask particularly about the "COLOGUARD" results.  Now, for those of you that are not familiar with this:  COLOGUARD 
is a test where you poop into the box; dump in a tube of liquid they provide, seal it up and ship it off  UPS....PREPAID.  This test is to determine if you could be genetically  disposed to colon cancer.  "COLOGUARD"(no questions, right) still want my results.  With the biggest laugh I have ever heard from her; she proceeds to tell me the following:  verbatim.

"One of my patient's just told me this morning to order she another box; because UPS never got to pick it up BECAUSE.......SOMEONE STOLE IT OFF HER PORCH...! " 

SOMEONE IN THEIR BLATANT STUPIDITY TO LOWER THEMSELVES TO RIP OTHERS OFF ---STOLE A BOX OF PETRIFIED SHIT!!!   How stupid is this?  Where is the "HIDDEN CAMERA" in their house when they open hard as hell POOP!   I have not stopped laughing at the possibilities of the never ending jokes and one-liners; hell I may consider a comedic career in my golden years, using only this for my material.  Seriously, you can't make this shit up.    SEE, WHAT I MEAN??

#1 Please protect yourself -- GET TESTED!

#2 Protect Yourself - check our Stun Guns, Hidden Cameras and more

I got to go laugh more. Where is Funniest Home Videos when you need them?  Candid Camera???  BAHAHAHAHA!


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