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Welcome to Bastille Babes Defense Accessories! Thank you for your interest in Bastille Babes Defense Accessories and visiting our website. Our website is an online store owned by a mother and son team Sandra and William Slusser. We are a new start up company striving to provide security and safety for women and men in our hostile world. The most products we sell are non-lethal and have been proven effective in the defense of personal safety. WHY WE STARTED BASTILLE BABES DEFENSE ACCESSORIES?- Bastille Babes started in light of sending William's oldest daughter, Sandra's oldest granddaughter, off to college realizing the unsafe environments on the campus. A startling statistics 1 in 5 incoming freshmen male or female will be raped this is horrifying! Along with the ever increasing news filled abductions, rapes, muggings; we are tired of it, and we want to change the culture, helping women and men to be prepared, to defend themselves. We understand not everyone is comfortable with a gun that doesn't mean you need to go defenseless. So in August of 2018, we launched Bastille Babes Defense Accessories! Our site includes a link to the Bastille Babes Defense Blog which will include pertinent information regarding actual crimes, videos, current events, and issues of the time. Our Vision is to be known as a company, which contributes to the prevention of violent crimes against women and men. Help you Protect Yourself!! Our Mission is to fortify women and men with the options of self defense for personal safety. We want to make Bastille Babes Defense Accessories your preferred online shopping destination by delivering outstanding value and exceptional customer service. Our Core Values At we are committed to: - Providing the highest standards of honesty and integrity. -Delivering excellent customer service. - Providing education and information. -Treating everyone with the utmost respect. - Help you PROTECT YOURSELF!!